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Healthy homemade ice pops

Healthy homemade ice pops

Homemade ice pops were pretty much the only way you were going to get an ice pop when I was a kid. There was a choc-ice and maybe a Mini Milk if you were lucky. But certainly not the crazy array on offer at supermarkets now. But making your own is fun and has so many advantages.

Firstly you know what’s in them. You can pack them with goodness and dump the sugar and artificial colourings and flavourings. This makes them actually good for you so you can legitimately have them for breakfast. Living the dream! Secondly they are still cheaper for the quality you get. And finally, perhaps most importantly, they don’t drip as much as the ones from the supermarket. This has been scientifically proven by me in extensive monitoring.

There are so many flavours you can make up and the kids have loved coming up with their own ideas. It’s fun to mix flavours too. Just freeze up to the point the lolly sick will go in and then when that’s hard top up with the next flavour and freeze with the stick in.

Another plus is of course that you will reduce your plastic waste by making your own. There are lots of companies selling ice lolly molds. Personally I like those which snap together to make an upright solid structure which holds up well in the freezer. I also find any with individual covers handy as they can then be taken in these to school pick up or the park. Usually you will need to get the lollies out of the freezer for around 10mins before removing them from the mould. Or you can run some hot water over the mold/place them in some warm water for a minute or so.

All these make four to six pops depending on the size of your mould or if you are making them into ‘half’ measures. You will notice this batch of recipes have some reoccurring ingredients – this is to avoid waste by making lots with the same ingredients. I will be posting more soon though so watch this space!  These are all vegan, gluten and sugar free recipes.


Pina Colada Popsicles

Combine 200ml pineapple juice with 200ml light tinned coconut milk. Freeze in molds and serve.


Peach and Pineapple Ice Pops

Dice a skinned fresh peach into small cubes or use the equivalent tinned peaches. Place the chopped peach bits equally in the mold and top up with pineapple juice. Freeze in molds and serve.


Creamy Peach Ice Pops

Blitz 200ml tinned coconut milk with 200g drained tinned peaches. Freeze in molds and serve.



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