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About Me

I am a writer and mum of two and I love cooking for friends and family. I naturally gravitate toward more healthy dishes – obviously with a few treats thrown in. But I don’t think you need to spend a fortune to have delicious, high quality and nutritious meals and can make amazing meals with easily found and reasonably priced ingredients. And it shouldn’t take forever. Because quite frankly I don’t have long to do anything!

This blog is all the ‘fault’ of chef and MasterChef presenter John Torode. I was on the first series  of the UK show and when I went to interview him for work 13 years later he remembered me. As I left he said, ‘So you decided not to do anything with food then?’ My stomach sank. I felt I had missed out on a life more foodie. Why? With increasing requests for recipes from friends and colleagues, I decided to right that wrong in some small way.

So here is my blog. It’s food I eat, I like to cook and hope you will enjoy too.

Caro xx

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