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Hello from me…

Hello from me…

I don’t think I’m different from a lot of people out there. I just want to eat delicious food, which is generally nourishing and good for my body but without breaking the bank. It doesn’t sound so difficult but when work, family and friends are all demanding our time and attention, it can be hard to get inspired. And also remember easy, quick, yummy dishes you made in the past.

Which is why I am here. I hope to help myself as much as you. On the days when I just can’t think past poached eggs on toast (oh I do love poached eggs on toast though!) hopefully I will find some dishes I have made and loved before. When there is a sudden glut of tomatoes from the garden or that offer on sweet potatoes was too good not to indulge in, hopefully I will be reminded and can make that meal in less than half an hour. Which is about as long as I can juggle most of the time. Often less!

This is for all my friends who ask me for a recipe after a lunch or dinner and I look vague and say ‘well I just put some things I had together, I can’t really remember…’ I will never be vague with you again. xx

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